Our Services


Sales building and management provides increasing the company’s profits.

  • Preparation of sales strategy;
  • Creating and analyzing of distribution channels;
  • Price-fixing and break even volume;
  • Management’s features (cost, product, sales, market, sizes);
  • Performance planning (product, place, staff);
  • Decisions relating to customers (sales forecast and potential);
  • Decisions relating to personnel (range, payment, receivables);
  • Decisions relating to sales (product, customer, segments).
  • Obtain current results with less resources;
  • Reduction of the function in the business process which can be replaced;
  • Increasing the efficiency of processes;
  • Marketing optimization;
  • Profit optimization;
  • Structure optimization;
  • Applying KPI;
  • Reducing costs and increasing incomes.

Human Resources Consulting Service is aimed for systematization and optimization of  Human Recources. Consists of these processes:

  • personnel certification;
  • creation of special development program;
  • staff training;

As a result of this work, what will you get?

  • increasing the productivity of employees;
  • reducing personnel costs;
  • effective use of employee’s working hours.