Study Methodology

 The study methodology was utilized to identify challenges processors faces on the chicken meat marketing and sales as well as actions and tasks that could be implemented by them to help overcome these challenges. The report includes detailed analyses of broiler consumer, information on major brands and the competition in Azerbaijan chicken meat market. The Primary data collected were both qualitative and quantitative. (The survey did not question respondents about their consumption of chicken meat outside the home).


Scope of the Study.

Primary Data were obtained from a questionnaire applied to chicken meat consumers in July-August 2015. Multistage random sampling representing a national cross section of the population was used here. 150 randomly selected respondents in nine different areas of Baku have taken part in this survey. All interviews have been conducted among the women and man are elder than 18 years old who are responsible for making decision while purchasing the products for using in households.


Survey questions focus on respondent’s attitude for a broader set of chicken meat products and also inquire about their purchasing behaviors, such as brand name, frequency of purchase, favorite product, consumption as well as chicken meat. One block of questions investigate the relative importance of various factors in the purchasing decision. Three blocks of questions ask directly about brand acceptance and loyalty. One block inquires about the prevalence of chicken meat product advertisements in a variety of media.  Finally, a number of questions in the chicken meat products survey focused on purchases of the most popular products.

The 11 chicken meat brands were included in this study. The local and imported brands, which were not included in the study but named by respondents, the unnamed producers – those who was not recalled by respondents as chicken meat brand, and rural chicken meat were grouped as “Others”.